Your residential property may not be able to be sold or advertised until a Contract for Sale or Vendor’s Disclosure Statement has been prepared.

Velocity Documents Australia is a specialist online tool for the preparation of Marketing Contracts required for the sale of property in the ACT and NSW, as well as Disclosure Statements in Victoria.


Obtaining a Marketing Contract or Disclosure Document is now easier than ever, but what comes next…we’re available to guide you through every step in the selling process, starting with our Frequently Asked Questions.

After you have read through all of the FAQs, if you are still in need of support, feel free to get in touch with us. Use the following link to head on over to the contact page and fill out the form. We will reply within 24 business hours.

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Why do I need a Marketing Contract or Disclosure Statement?

In the ACT and NSW, your residential property cannot be legally advertised for sale until a contract for sale has been prepared. It’s important that your Marketing Contract be available for inspection at your nominated agent’s office.

In Victoria a section 32 Disclosure Statement must be given to a prospective purchaser before they can enter into a contract for sale of land otherwise a purchaser may be able to terminate the contract.

Can I only use the online tool on this website to apply for Legal Documents?

For ease and convenience, you also have the option to call Velocity Documents Australia on +1300 083 627 or get in touch via email at

What do I need to do once the Marketing Contract is complete and ready for download?

Nothing! A download link will also be provided to your agent and once you confirm the document is in order you can advise the agent to make it publically accessible.

To help you seamlessly move to the next stage in the selling of your property, Velocity Conveyancing has provided flowcharts of the conveyancing process. You can download them from our flow charts page.

Velocity Conveyancing is also available to assist you with stage 2 of this important transaction –

If I use Velocity Documents Australia for my Legal Documents, am I contractually obliged to engage Velocity Conveyancing?

There are no obligations what-so-ever. One of the benefits of Velocity Documents Australia is the flexibility – we can arrange your conveyance, or you can select the Solicitor or Conveyancer of your choice.

I have never previously listed a property for sale. What are the steps involved?

The selling of a property can be daunting and often confusing. Velocity Conveyancing has developed an easy-to-follow flow chart, designed to simplify the process for you. Whether or not you choose to engage Velocity Conveyancing, this helpful flow chart can be downloaded from our flow charts page.

Which office do I need to visit to engage Velocity Conveyancing to assist with the sale of my property?

At Velocity Conveyancing, it’s all about Service Plus. This is why our lawyers meet you where it’s most convenient. We will meet you at the most convenient Agents office to provide you with legal advice and to complete all your paperwork. So there’s no need to travel into town and there’s no searching for parking. Just stress-free conveyancing.