Your residential property may not be able to be sold or advertised until a Contract for Sale or Vendor’s Disclosure Statement has been prepared.

Velocity Documents Australia is a specialist online tool for the preparation of Marketing Contracts required for the sale of property in the ACT and NSW, as well as Disclosure Statements in Victoria.

01 How It Works

Simply complete the form and a Marketing Contract or s32 Disclosure Documentation will be electronically provided to you. Our service standard is to provide a Marketing Contract with the required searches the same day the searches are received. More

02 Benefits

Due to its ease of use in obtaining a Marketing Contract or s32 Disclosure Documentation, you can start selling your property sooner, saving you both time and money. Each contract is prepared by a qualified lawyer, ensuring stronger compliance. More

03 FAQ’s

Obtaining a Marketing Contract or s32 Disclosure Documentation is now easier than ever, but what comes next…we’re available to guide you through every step in the selling process, starting with our Frequently Asked Questions. More